2011/2012 Community Forums

The Get the life you love Campaign (including National Career Development Week) is organising six Community Forums for year 9 - 12 students in regions across Australia including during the 2011/2012 financial year.

Locations include Gold Coast, Mt Gambier, Port Macquarie, Launceston, Perth and Darwin .

Each Forum is hosted by Steve Liebmann (Journalist and TV Host), with relevant high profile guest speakers, local case studies and stories, a community “Have Your Say” activity, a Trade Expo (where appropriate) and finish with a light lunch.

Guest Speakers are asked to draw from their own personal experience and career journey to inspire students to aspire to get the life they love through understanding and knowledge of their interests, skills, options and opportunities to make a successful transition into an increasingly complex labour market - and that it isn't always easy. 

The concept for the 2011/2012 Community Forums is based on the very successful format used at previous National Career Development Week Launch Forums in Macquarie Fields, Western Sydney (250 students) and Preston, North Melbourne (250 students).  

There is no charge to participating schools. Students are provided with a free snack or lunch at the end of the Forum. To assist students to understand the messages of the Forum a pre-forum Factsheet is provided to schools for distribution to the students, a Worksheet is provided for completion during the Forum and all students are provided with a Career Factsheets pack to assist them with making the right career choices.

Many schools and communities across Australia do not have access or the financial resources to bring Guest Speakers to their communities. The Get the life you love Campaign Forums enable communities across Australia to benefit from this type of local event by being able to view the Guest Speakers from the Get the life you love Campaign Forums as part of the Campaign "Speaker Series", providing multimedia resources that can be used in all schools and communities across the country. There is no charge to schools to use or view these videos.

Why Motivation is important for today’s youth?

During the past 12 months the Team at Get the life you love Campaign have been conducting a community engagement activity at various student events (including Community Forums (4), Career Expos (7) and Rock Eisteddfod events (3)) where we asked the question – 

What do you consider is the greatest challenge for you or people in your community to – get the life they love?

Response options:

  • Information about career development
  • Support Services
  • Access to education and training
  • Motivation
  • Opportunities.

While the actual percentage of each answer has varied slightly in each community, overwhelmingly young people have identified that they believe that motivation and opportunities will be their greatest challenges – with these two answers making up 87% of responses.

Desired Outcome:

Students who attend a Get the life you love Forum (or view the Speaker Series videos) are more equipped and confident to make a successful education/training and career transition.


  • have a better understanding of career development
  • have appreciation & knowledge of their interests, skills, options and opportunities
  • are motivated to investigate their career options and to develop high aspirations for their future study and careers
  • are inspired to get the life they love” through understanding that knowledge of their  interests, skills, options and opportunities will assist them to make a successful transition into an increasingly complex labour market.

For detailed information about each Forum, see:

For more information about the Community Forums - contact Briony Penrose (Event Manager) on 0417 566 813 or briony@getthelifeyoulove.com.au