Career Factsheets

How to use these Factsheets ...

If you are an individual looking for information for yourself (or a parent) - These Factsheets have been developed to assist you to take the steps on the road to your future to assist you to make decisions and seek further help.

If you are an educator or event organiser - These Factsheets have been developed for you to download and distribute at your event.

If you are an employer, HR staff and Organisational Development Officer - These resources have been designed for you to use.

1. Workforce preparation - supporting the career development of young people prior to entering the workforce:

2.      Workforce adaptability and sustainability - supporting the career development of employed workers:

3.      Workforce re-integration - supporting the career development of adults in and out of the labour market  and between jobs in different enterprises:

4.    Career Seminars and Expo Resources

5.    Adult Learning:  Lifelong Learning - why is it important?

6.     Workplace Resources:

7.      Primary school resources

All Get the life you love Campaign Career Factsheets meet the requirements of the CICA Quality Framework - Guiding Principles for Career Information Products.

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