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28 April 2009

In this Issue:

  • Latest news ... The Wiggles NCDW message will broadcast across Australia from May 13
  • Have you registered your 2009 careers event(s)?
  • Does your event have what it takes to be an NCDW lead event?
  • What are the benefits of career development?
  • What is the national framework for career development?
  • Webseminar #2: Introduction to the Australian Blueprint for Career Development
  • Spotlight on registered events: some selections from our registered events
  • Coming soon - our new survey tool.

Latest news ... The Wiggles NCDW message will broadcast across Australia from May 13

The Wiggles will support this year's National Career Development Week (NCDW) with a national TV, cinema and radio campaign that says it's inportant to be proactive about job choices in the current climate - no matter what your age.

The Wiggles 'Dream Big' video message is now up on our website home page and will be seen across Australia on your television and some cinema screens from May 13.  The Wiggles NCDW message is a lot of fun to watch and sure to inspire you to make this the year you get proactive about improving your work and life with our support.

A couple of NCDW community service radio announcements including one by Blue Wiggle Anthony Field and one by Steve Liebmann will also run during May.

A few words about The Wiggles for those of you who don't already know their story... The Wiggles is an Australian success story that cuts across all demographics, and has now spread across the world stage. The children's educators and entertainers, hugely popular around the world, and recognised by their peers in Australia with many Aria awards for their song-writing and recording, are the result of combining interests and lifelong learning with a continuing passion for what they do. We can't thank The Wiggles enough for their enormous generosity and support. You can read more about The Wiggles unique and inspiring career story or check out Anthony Field's career story on our website.

Have you noticed we've made a few layout changes to the National Career Development Week website home page, to better showcase the new dynamic content being developed all the time?

Another exciting new development for the campaign was the launch of our webseminar series earlier in the month. A number of you across Australia and New Zealand signed up for our very first webseminar and we'd like to thank all who participated. We received some great feedback to the presentation on "Organising Careers Events - making it easier", by CICA Project Director Karen Penrose. Don't forget you can send in any requests for topics and we'll do our best to meet your needs.

Have you registered your 2009 careers event(s)?

Don't forget that this year our celebration week for the National Career Development Week campaign will take place from 18-24 May - so if you want to be involved in the week there's no time to delay! Registering your event with NCDW is as easy as completing a simple events registration form on our website and receiving all the support we can offer to run a successful career development activity. 

While you can register events being held at any time throughout 2009, there are some incentives for registering an event to be held during the week. It not only makes you eligible to apply to become a lead event and receive some extra support (see lead events below), but the week also provides a focus for our national media campaign activities, including a national community service announcement campaign across all media outlets (see campaign news below).

Does your event have what it takes to be an NCDW lead event?

It's that time of year again when we invite you to send in your submissions to become an NCDW lead event. As a lead event you will receive valuable support materials, planning advice, and publicity support from the NCDW team to help you achieve your event's objectives. The closing date for submissions for this year's lead events is 5pm on 4 May, so if you believe your event has what it takes, don't forget to email contact_team@ncdw.com.au and tell us what your event can offer to make the 2009 NCDW celebrations bigger and better than ever.

What are the benefits of career development? We'd like to hear from you...

We're inviting you to send in your event stories, case studies and examples of how career development has helped your clients or students to make decisions about their future. This type of information is useful for inclusion in our reports to government and as a basis for media stories. We will modify names for anonymity. Please send via email to Karen Penrose (CICA Project Director) on karen.penrose@cica.org.au 

What is the national framework for Career Development?

The revised Australian Blueprint for Career Development, the national framework to support quality in the career development profession, is now publicly available at www.blueprint.edu.au. The Blueprint outlines the 11 career management competencies that individuals need to manage their life, learning and work across the lifespan.  The Blueprint has a number of applications; although its primary use is to guide the design and review of career development programs and activities. Further information and a wide range of supporting resources are also available from the website above.

Announcing Webseminar #2

We're delighted to announce that our second webseminar for this year will be scheduled during celebration week, on Tuesday 19 May at 2pm AEST. The topic will be "Introduction to the Australian Blueprint for Career Development" and we invite you to register your interest in participating in this event, by sending an email to contact_team@ncdw.com.au . Please note registrations for this event will close on 11 May.

Spotlight on Events

This month's chosen events are "My Future My Guide Workshop" in Darwin on 28 April and "Health Plus" in Brisbane on 29 April. Check out the home page on the website for more details.

Coming soon - our new Survey Tool

We will be forwarding our "Have your Say" Survey Tool to ask for your feedback on matters that affect careers, learning and development.

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