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Caroline Jones (Campaign Manager) Blog – April 2009


The Wiggles NCDW community service announcement, the result of a discussion I had with Blue Wiggle Anthony Field at this year's NCDW launch event, is now up on our website home page and will broadcast on national television and some cinema screens from May 13. NCDW community service announcements for radio broadcast, including one from Anthony Field and one from Steve Liebmann, will also run during May.

I got to engage in a little career development of my own, scripting The Wiggles community service announcement for NCDW with the assistance of some scripting notes from Anthony and a little help from an experienced dialogue writer. The Wiggles filmed and produced it and their Post-Production Manager Liam added those all important finishing touches with sound-effects, mixing and graphics. We can't thank The Wiggles enough for their enormous generosity and support.

A few words about The Wiggles for those of you who don't already know their story... The Wiggles is an Australian success story that cuts across all demographics, and has now spread across the world stage. The children's educators and entertainers, hugely popular around the world, and recognised by their peers in Australia with many Aria awards for their song-writing and recording, are the result of combining interests and lifelong learning with a continuing passion for what they do.  You can read more about The Wiggles unique and inspiring career story or check out Anthony Field's career story on our website.

Have you noticed we've brought in a few layout changes to the National Career Development Week website home page, to better showcase the new dynamic content being developed all the time?

Another exciting new development for the campaign is the launch of our webseminar series, which took place earlier in the month. A number of you across Australia and New Zealand signed up for our very first webseminar and we'd like to thank all who participated. We received some great feedback to the presentation on "Organising Careers Events - making it easier", by Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) Project Director Karen Penrose, and will be announcing another one in the coming weeks. Don't forget you can send in any requests for topics and we'll do our best to meet your needs.

Watch this space, for more campaign news as it happens.